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Data Recovery price exemples - Companies

  • Aurora provides status Normal, Urgent and High Priority
  • Aurora performs documented forensic examination
  • Aurora also provides data destruction of sensitive data
  • to recover data after a hard disk crash, we always use our ISO-8 clean room and ISO-5 workstations
  • Questions? Call us at +46-8-792 22 40 for more information

  • Category A: Human error with a well-functioning hard drive.

    Recovery of data after accidental deletion, reformatting, or other human errors.
    The average cost for data recovery from problems such as corrupt file system, controller electronics or light damage to the media surface, usually lies between:
    176 - 1.056 euro, which is equivalent about 1 - 8 hours team work.

  • Category B: Hard drive crash or demanding programs technical efforts.

    Restoration of deleted or overwritten or erased data (such as the reinstallation of the operating system) on a physical damaged hard drive, demanding programs engineering tasks and tasks that require clean room (for example, changing the read head, cleaning and polishing media surface). Requires more advanced operations.
    Usually cost between:
    1000 - 1.950 euro, which equals about 6 - 12 hours of team work.

  • Category C: Serious hard drive crash or advanced data recovery work

    Restoration of deleted data from encrypted hard drives, work that requires clean room, such as hard disks with serious injuries on the media surface and replacing the hard disk motor. * Requires very sophisticated efforts .
    Can cost between:
    1.650 - 3.100 euro, which equals about 2 - 4 days of team work.

  • Category C++

    * NOTE: The last few years we have hade many incidents with external hard drives having blocked motors caused by overheating or mechanical shock. These external drives often have very large storage capacity (hundreds of GigaBytes to several TeraBytes), The Data Recovery work in these cases can be very time consuming and will often take longer than the usual Category-C.
    Please call for free advice.

  • Category D: RAID – 2-4 hard drives.

    Cost for data recovery from RAID Arrays can vary a considerably depending on several factors:

    • Number of drives in a RAID Array.
    • Type of RAID Array and hard drive interface.
    • Storage capacity of the drives.
    • File system used in the RAID.
    • Eventual extent of physical damage.
    • Extent of program technical problems.

    1.900 - 4.000 euro, which equals about 2 - 4 days of teamwork and is not unusual, excluding RAID startup fees .

    Previous unsuccessful recovery attempts can have a very significant impact on cost and rate of success.

  • Category E: Larger RAID or RAID with several damaged hard drives

    There have been cases where multiple hard drives in a large RAID Array has stopped working and very advanced professional data recovery has required several weeks of work. A similar situation can also occur when a RAID has been incorrect handled by the company's own IT department and a failed recovery attempts has taken place. Fortunately, these cases are quite rare and are always a result of extensive damage to both the hardware, file systems or media surface. These cases are of such severity that data reconstruction is on the borderline of what is technologically possible today.

    • All such cases begin with an analysis phase, 'phase-1' during which the disk drives are cleaned, inspected for external signs of damage, registered and marked.
    • Individual drives are then tested for functionality and signs of sector damage, overheating or effects of electrical overloading.
    • Forensic quality clones or images are then made of all the functioning drives.
    • During this phase investigations are made to determine the technical characteristics of the RAID unless such essential details have been provided by the clients own IT-department.
    • Construction of a virtual RAID is carried out in order to estimate time and probability of successful partial or full data recovery.

    The Phase-1 startup fee is 220 euro per drive for RAID Arrays consisting of a maximum 16 drives. The cost usually decreases as the number of drives increases. Call for more precise details.

    Regretably, is impossible to provide exact charges for data recovery from large RAID Arrays until the preliminary diagnosis is completed. There are so many unknown variables such as unexpected damage to member disks, missing RAID headers or missing RAID documentation. An previously unsuccessful RAID rebuild will result in additional complexity during the data reconstruction.

    As an approximation, RAID recovery from a well documented array with up to 16 drives often costs in the order of 5.000 to 10.000 euros. Data recovery from even larger RAIDs that have suffered deletion or rebuild can result in recovery charges in the order of 10.000 to 25.000 euros.

All indicated prices are only AVERAGE PRICE EXAMPLES. Prices do not incluse sales taxes, High priority or (when relevant) RAID start charges.

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