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Data Recovery Order Form - Consumer

(NOT Companies)


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Important Information

In order to avoid any misunderstandings, it is essential for both parties that any special verbal agreements made during a visit or even during a telephone call are carefully noted below.


Course of events or additional information - Optional

Describe what has happened to your hard disk.

Which information shoulg have priority ?

Has any other recovery attempt been made? If so, please provide some details.

Priority and work instructions

Please begin recovery work as indicated on the Price Examples Page   (Begin work)
I want you to limit your recovery work efforts to one hour in the renrum, *and then contact me with an updated prognos.   (One hour limit)

The following delivery methods are recommended

  • Personal 'DROP-IN' service. Welcome from 08:30 until 17:00
  • Postens 'FÖRETAGSPAKET' (TIPS: even private people can send packages with "företagspaket"
  • We accept all international couriers (09:00 - 17:00)
Aurora takes information security seriously. For practical and security reasons, we only accept data recovery after this form is submitted to us.

I have read and understood general conditions and the price examples YES  
The hard disk is used ONLY for storing private and non-commercial data
Thus, I request cost reduction intended only for consumers