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Data Recovery Request - Corporate Clients

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S P E C I A L   A G R E E M E N T S

It is ESSENTIAL to record ANY special agreements that have been made, either during a visit or by telephone


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We request that recovery should begin and have read the charges on the price example pages.

    (Recommended choice)
We request that Aurora report back to us with a status report after two hours work.

    (Auroras minimum debiting)

Clone charges apply for each drive in a RAID server


Normal Priority. Next place in queue. No extra fee.
     (09:00 - 17:00) weekdays.

Urgent. Work commences immediately. Extra Fee SEK 2000:- per day.                         
     (09:00 - 17:00) weekdays.

Highest Priority. Work undertaken between 09:00-23:00 every day, year round.
Extra Fee SEK 4000:- per day.
     (09:00 - 23:00) every day.

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How to deliver to us

Följande alternativ finns för inleverans av defekta hårddiskar till Aurora:

  • Personal 'DROP-IN' visit. You are welcome weekdays between 09:00 and 17:00
  • For postal delivery of small 2,5" drives within Sweden we recommend "Sverige Kuvert" med some extra bubble foam
  • The Swedish postal service 'FÖRETAGSPAKET' or "PostPaket" are excellent door-to-door services
  • We have accounts with all the leading International Courier companies
Aurora take Information Security very seriously. Accordingly, for practical and security reasons, no data recovery work of any level will be initiated until this form is received.

I have read the price examples, general rules for data recovery and Payment conditions  
I am authorized to place orders in the company name.  

Jetpak Posten DHL FedEx UPS Bring Box Delivery

Send us only hard drives, storage media or external cassettes. We do NOT require PCs, Laptops or RAID chassis.

Auroras leveransadress för kraschade hårddiskar