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Airline Telephone Numbers ARN Stockholm Arlanda Airport
Telefonnummer till flygbolag Arlanda flygplats

International Arrivals and Departure information

Airline name CodeTerminalTelephone
Aegian Airlines5+30-210 626 10 00
Aer LingusEI5+353 818 365044
AeroflotSU5020-120 30 04
Air Arabia5010-750 23 55
Air BalticBT5+370-700 556 60
Air BerlinAB20770-93 07 37
Air Cairo5+202-22 6631 55
Air Caraïbes AtlanticCAJ5
Air ChinaCA508-21 61 46 / +800-86-100-999
Air FranceAF508-519 999 90
ArkiaIZ5+972-9-864 44 44
Austrian AirlinesOS50770-82 73 73
Aurora AirlinesAU546-8-792 22 40
BelaviaB2508-21 56 45
Blue1KF4/50770-727 727
British AirwaysBA50770-11 00 20
Cimber SterlingQI508-791 00 40
Corendon AirlinesCAI5
CSA Czech AirlinesOK508-585 367 69
Delta AirlinesDL508-519 92 216
EasyjetEZS2+44-870 600 00 00
Estonian AirOV508-545 259 49
Ethiopian AirlinesET508-440 29 00
FinnairAY50771-78 11 00
Freebird InternationalFHY5+90 212 663 77 77
Germanwings4U20770-930 733
IberiaIB50771-61 60 68
IcelandairFI508-690 98 00
Iran AirIR508-545 100 00
Jat AirwaysJU5
Jet TimeJTG50045-324 673 00
KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesKL508-587 997 57
KronflygKL508-587 997 57
LOT Polish AirlinesLO508-587 704 47
LufthansaLH50770-11 10 10
Malmö AviationTF4/5040-660 29 00
Nextjet2N3/508-639 85 38
NikiHG20770 93 07 37
NorwegianDY2/40770-45 77 00
NouvelairBJ5+216 73 52 06 00
NovairNVR508-673 86 00
Onur AirOHY5+90 212 444 66 87
Pegasus AirPC5+90 850 250 0 737
Primera AirPF5+45 328 205 40
Qatar AirwaysQR508-402 00 80
Rossiya-Russian AirlinesFV508-59 78 51 77
SAS Scandinavian AirlinesSK4/50770-72 77 27
Sky AirlinesZY5+90 242 310 8800
SkywaysJZ2/30771-95 95 00
Sun ExpressXQ5
SwissLX508-587 704 45
Syrian Arab AirlinesRB508-24 86 21
TAP PortugalTP508-669 34 95
Thai Airways InternationalTG508-598 836 00
Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia   DK508-797 74 30
TUIfly NordicBLX508-720 88 00
Turkish AirlinesTK508-797 72 58
Ukraine International AirwaysUA5not published
United AirlinesUA508-585 369 54

Some interesting information about Stockholm Arlanda ARN

Stockholm Arlanda Airport has three runways:
  • Runway 1 (01L/19R)
  • Runway 2 (08/26)
  • Runway 3 (01R/19L)

Runway 1 is 3,301 m (10,830 ft) long and can handle take-offs and landings of the heaviest aircraft in use today. Runways 2 and 3 are 2,500 m (8,202 ft) long.[8] As indicated, runways 1 and 3 are parallel runways that can be operated independently of one another. Runways 1 and 3 are equipped with CAT III systems for instrument landings. The airport can handle simultaneous take offs and landings using runways 1 and 3 at the same time. Simultaneous aircraft takeoffs and landings can be performed in Instrument meteorological conditions, (IMC).

Runway 3 (01R/19L) is reached from the main terminal area via taxiway bridges constructed to be able to handle the heaviest and largest airplanes in traffic. Since runway 3 (01R/19L) is located at a distance from the terminals a deicing area is placed close to the runway to avoid too long time between deicing and take off in winter conditions. Another deicing area is located in connection with the southern ramp area close to take off positions at runway 01L. There are high speed taxiway exits from all runways, except runway 08, to enable aircraft to exit the runways quickly after landing. This increases runway capacity during rush hours. Use of parallel taxiways around the terminal area separates arriving and departing traffic. Arlanda can handle all aircraft types in service including the Airbus A380.

Airline telephone numbers at ARN Stockholm Arlanda Airport Telefonnummer


The airport has four terminals. Terminals 2 and 5 are used for international flights. Domestic flights are in Terminals 3 and 4. The new central building, Arlanda North, opened in late 2003, connecting terminal 5 with the newly built Pier F. All international flights handled by SAS and its Star Alliance partners use the new central building. An Arlanda South building, connecting terminals 2, 3 and 4 was also planned, but construction is currently suspended due to lack of funds. In the terminal areas and the shopping area "Sky City" there are restaurants, shopping facilities, bars etc. to cater to the needs for passengers and visitors to the airport. There are hotels both at the airport in connection with the terminals and in its surroundings. There are also conference facilities at the airport.

Airline telephone numbers at ARN Stockholm Arlanda Airport - Arrivals Departures

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