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Data Recovery Price Examples - for Students & Private person

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WWW Category A:  Human error with a functioning HDD
95 - 370 euro
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Estimated cost: The average cost for data recovery with simple problems such as accidental deletion, formatting, some file system problems and, in some cases, even light damage to the media surface
Usually lies between: 95 - 150 euro.

Estimated cost: Disks with logical damage.(max 1TB)
That would correspond to about 150 - 370 euro.

WWW Category B:  Hard disk crash.
370 - 790 euro
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Estimated cost: More advanced cases such as recovery of overwritten data
Usually cost between: 370 - 500 euro.

Estimated cost: Cases that require access to clean room facilities (such as read head exchange or cleaning and polishing of the media surface)
Usually cost between: 500 - 790 euro

WWW Category C:  Serious hard drive crash or larger drives
790 - 990 euro
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Estimated Time: 2-3 days of group work Very advanced cases including hard disk motor exchange and severe media surface damage, requiring access to a clean room OR recovery of data from encrypted disk drives.
Usually cost between 790 - 990 euro

WWW Category D1:  RAID, smaller disk drives with logical damage.
500 - 790 euro
(per disk)
WWW Category D2:  RAID, larger disk drives with physical damage.
790 - 990 euro
(per disk)
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Estimated Time: 1-3 days of group work with two smaller disks with logical damage.
That would correspond to about 500 - 1200 euro

Estimated Time: 4-6 days of group work with four large hard disks with physical damage.
That would correspond to about 1200 - 1600 euro

  • Aurora provides, in special cases, price reduction for students under 39 years.
  • The student must be a full-time student and have a CSN card.

Previous unsuccessful recovery attempts can have a very big impact on cost and rate of success.


Do you qualify for a 50% price reduction?

To receive our 50% price reduction on the Company's price list for actual data recovery work, please check following:
 How do we interpret the expression 'Private  use only' ?
 How do we interpret the expression  'Commercial use' ?

All work will be charged at the standard Company rates if the above  conditions are not met.