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Ambassader i Sverige | Consulates and Embassies in Stockholm, Sweden

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We hope that the following list of Consulates and Embassies in Stockholm will assist you

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Aurora Data Recovery AB in Stockholm, Sweden, are very well known European Data Recovery specialists with over 34 years experience of extracting and reconstructing lost information from damaged hard drives.
In well over 90% of all incidents we have been most successful in assisting clients with data recovery from damaged hard disk drives. In many such cases, our customers own IT departments, and even some well known American competitors, have considered the hard disk damage as irrecoverable!

Aurora have many thousands of customers worldwide and have successfully recovered lost data in the following situations.
  • Flood damage to the computers hard disk drive
  • Mechanical damage to the PC disk drive
  • Severe overheating or even fire damage to the hard disk
  • Accidental immersion of a laptop in sea water or chlorinated water
  • Damage to the disk drive electronics following faulty power supply
  • Severe damage to the hard disk drive caused by lightning or static discharge
  • Accidental erasure of important files or programs
  • Loss of data or files by formatting or re-installation of programs
  • Disk drive crash caused when the read heads actually touch the media surface
  • Corruption of the hard drive file allocation tables, MBR or service areas
  • Sabotage by competitors or disgruntled employees

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