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We are true Data Recovery Professionals with over 34 years unbroken experience

  What can data recovery cost?

The time taken, and thus the charge, always varies from case to case. We do not have fixed prices since every data recovery case is quite unique. But we can usually give you an accurate estimation after just a few hours work.

The actual time will depend on a number of factors:

  • The nature and extent of the defect
  • If spare parts are required (donator)
  • The time required to extract data
  • The storage capacity of the drive

  What should i do now?

If you wish us to assist you with professional data recovery or forensic services,

  1. Please read what can data recovery cost' information at the top of this page, and consider the price examples
  2. Private clients must read the conditions for price reduction
  3. Fill in the data recovery request form and send us the damaged drive
Links to the order forms are found at the base of all pages.

It is very desirable that you have a functional email, since all essential communication including status reports etc are transmitted electronically.
  Are we usually successful?

In well over 90% of all incidents we have been most successful in assisting clients with data recovery services from damaged hard disk drives, HDD recovery after formatting, recover deleted files or retrieve formatted hard disks. In many such cases, our customers own IT departments, and even some well known American competitors, have considered the hard disk damage as irrecoverable!

It is important to remember that in many cases following a serious hard disk crash many files may be corrupt or even completely destroyed. In such cases, adjustments or repair of the previous Windows installation will probably be required.

  How soon can we begin?


If you have chosen data recovery service level 'NORMAL'
  • We will handle your hard drive disk on first come first serve bases.
  • In practice this usually means that the data recovery will commence within 2-4 workdays.

If you have chosen data recovery service level 'URGENT'
  • Recovery work is normally conducted during normal office working hours.
  • We begin procedures to secure and recover your information immediately following reception of your damaged hard disk drive.
  • Our customer support also inform you without delay if unexpected problems should be discovered

If you have chosen data recovery service level 'HIGHEST PRIORITY'
  • We brief a small team for the data recovery project before the damaged hard disk drive actually arrives at Aurora.
  • We also determine the exact technical characteristics of your specific hard disk and obtain a 'donator' disk drive if necessary.
  • We commence the data recovery procedures without delay once your hard disk arrives at our labs.
  • We continue data recovery work until 23:00 weekdays and during weekends as necessary.
  • Our customer support also inform you without delay if unexpected problems should be discovered

  Questions & answers

If you have some unanswered questions after reading the above information, please take a look at our page:

 |   Questions & Answers   | 
  • You are very welcome to call Aurora if you have any further questions about our professional data recovery services.

Our normal office working hours are weekdays, excluding national holidays, between 09:00-17:00.

  • Private persons are welcome to call us during normal office hours
  • Corporate clients requiring urgent assistance with acute disk crash situations may call our offices ANY day of the year between 09:00 and 23:00.