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Contact information and directions to visit Aurora Data Recovery in Danderyd

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Company: Aurora Data Recovery AB
Visiting address: Brovagen 9, 3tr
SE-182 76
+46-8-792 22 30
vxl. 10 lines

VAT: SE556643648001
MOMS: 5566436480
SEK accounts
SWEDBANK - Stockholm
Konto nr. 8327-9 974 769 105-4
Bankgiro: 5720-9892
IBAN: SE76 8000 0832 7997 4769 1054 (sek)

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We are corporate members of
The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce

Our chartered accountants are
grantthornton     kpmg

Our Help Desk is happy to assist you with data recovery advice (without charge) during office hours 09.00-17.00 Call
+46-8-792 22 30

Aurora's engineers must give priority to actual data recovery work in progress. With so many clients we have to focus our attention on recovering data and restrict the time taken for answering E-mails. Therefore we are grateful if you, as a client, restrict your enquiries to short telephone calls that can be answered within a few minutes.

Directions and contact information to visit Aurora Data Recovery in Stocksund, Stockholm