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SAKNAS Dataräddnings experter, Räddning av hårddiskar, Dataräddning och räddning av data från en hårddisk

Destroyed Data Reconstruction From a Hard Drive Crash

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Trasig Hårddisk räddning hos Aurora i Stockholm Malmö och Göteborg

Vår VD, Tony Kvarnström i Auroras ESD skyddade Renrum

Aurora Återskapa data efter Hårddisk krasch. Aurora data recovery Stockholm Malmö och Göteborg

Natalie inspekterar en skadad hårddisk i vårt Renrum

Aurora Återskapa Data efter Hårddisk krasch Stockholm Malmö och Göteborg

Dr Inna Sakharova undersöker patienten i en kliniskt-ren miljö

Aurora Återskapa data efter Hårddisk krasch. Stockholm Malmö och Göteborg

Två ISO-5 certifierade arbetsplatser i vårt Renrum

Aurora recreates files and documents from RAID servers and hard drives after it has been damaged by ligtning, a thunderstorm or overcurrent. Aurora can also recreate data from a fire smoke or water damaged hard drive.

It goes without saying that if you want the best chance for recovering data from a crashed hard drive you should contact the company that has the most experience of data recovery.

Aurora has over 34 years of experience in SWEDEN

Information about Aurora

Aurora was established in Sweden during April 1984, over 34 years ago in Stockholm. During the past three decades we have recovered data from large data packs having only a few megabytes capacity up to todays modern high capacity RAID's with 72 or more terabytes of storage.
Aurora Data Recovery is one of Europe's leading Data Recovery Companies with cutting edge expertise in Professional Data Recovery, Computer Forensics and Data Destruction.

Aurora's Excellence

We perform Data Recovery from VM-ware RAID Servers and NAS in Windows, Linux, Unix and Apple Mac enviroment.
Aurora manages all disk models including Seagate, Samsung, Western Digital, IBM, Maxtor, Hitachi, WD, Toshiba, etc.
Call us immediately for a free consultation and professional advice. Aurora's Stockholm Office has a drop-in service between 08:30 and 17:00 on weekdays. Our courier partners collect damaged drives from all European cities and all the worlds capital cities. We have two laboratories in the Stockholm area.

Aurora has, since the 90's been a proud collaboration partner with ACELABS.
ACELABS is the worlds de facto leading developer of Data Recovery program tools.

Ace Laboratories, our partners and friends for almost 20 years
PC-3000 - Trust your data recovery to the world leader
25+ years
of market leadership
The PC-3000 is a must-have product for every successful data recovery business, as it is the most comprehensive and reliable professional DR technology that has ever existed in the world.
110+ countries
have PC-3000 users
The PC-3000 is being used in over 110 countries, and is a true standard of professional data recovery tools.
15 000+
Every serious professional DR company uses the PC-3000; only the PC-3000 gives you access to the very latest in DR tool features, functionality and professional opportunities.

Our expertise includes data recovery from locked and encrypted drives and large 'RAID Arrays' and Recovery from NAS servers. We handle lightning damage, water damage and many other forms of hard drive problems. Our four computer forensics laboratories RAID-lab, Software Engineering Lab, Hardware lab and ISO-5 cleanrooms are staffed to 23:00 every day, year round for data reconstruction tasks of the highest priority.

A very substantial number of Sweden's and Europe's leading companies are already regular clients of Aurora Data Recovery: Microsoft, SAP, HP, Ericsson, KS Karolinska, Siemens, IKEA, SVT, Pirelli, Falck, Securitas, Tetra Pak, UNHCR, Apoteket, Electrolux, KBM and many more.


RAID IBM, Hitachi, Toshiba, Western Digital, Samsung, Quantum, Fujitsu, Seagate, Lenovo, LaCie och Maxtor

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Destroyed Data Reconstruction From a Hard Drive Crash

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