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Do you qualify for 50% price reduction ?

To receive our 50% price reduction on the Company price example list for actual  data recovery work, please check following:
  • You are not registred for VAT or have any other form of company registration.
  • The object for Data Recovery, a hard disk drive, is used ONLY for storage of private information. Examples are family images, private economy or contracts, private documents, music files etc.
  • The object for Data Recovery is NOT used for storage of commercial or company information.
 How do we interpret the expression 'Private  use only' ?
  • Among many possible examples of private data are: collections of family pictures, private economy, documents or agreements of a completely private character, legal documents, games, music or film collections. Simply put, private data is NOT used for commercial purposes
 How do we interpret the expression  'Commercial use' ?
  • Among many possible examples of commercial data are: Company accounts, commercial agreements and contracts, protocol from board meetings or business negotiations, marketing plans, sales reports and budget calculations, commercial research, salary- customer or supplier databases etc.
  • Scientific Research at University level is considered to us as non-private data, however, a price reduction is applied in many cases.

 Full price will be charged of the Company price example list if the above  conditions are not met.

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