Data Recovery price examples - Students & Private persons - NO Companies

data recovery for students
  • Aurora provides, in special cases, price reductions for students under 25 years.
  • The student must be the full-time student and have CSN card.
  • We also offer part - payment.
  • All prices on this page include VAT.
  • Ideas? Call us at +46-8-792 22:40 for more information.

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  • Category A - (Human error problems on functioning hard disk)

    The average cost for data recovery with simple problems such as accidental deletion, formatting, some file system problems and, in some cases, even light damage to the media surface, usually lies between:
    95 - 950 euro which equals to about 1 - 8 hours of teamwork.
  • Category B - (Hard disk crash)

    More advanced cases such as recovery of overwritten data and many cases that require access to clean room facilities (such as read head exchange or cleaning and polishing of the media surface) usually cost between:
    660 - 940 euro, which equals to about 7 - 10 hours of teamwork.
  • Category C - (Serious disk drive crash)

    Very advanced cases including hard disk motor exchange and severe media surface damage, requiring access to a clean room OR recovery of data from encrypted disk drives usually cost between:
    660 - 1.400 euro, which equals to about 2 - 3 days of teamwork.
  • Category D - (RAID. Several hard drives in an external kassett)

    Cost for data recovery from RAID Array can vary considerably depending on several factors:

    • Number of drives in the RAID Array.
    • Reliable RAID installation documentation
    • Type of RAID Array and hard drive interface.
    • Storage capacity of the drives.
    • File system used in the RAID.
    • Eventual extent of physical damage.
    • Extent of program technical problems.

    Estimated Time: 1-3 days of group work with two smaller disks with logical damage. That would correspond to about 5 600 SEK 12 000 SEK..
    Estimated Time: 4-8 days of group work with four large hard disks with physical damage. That would correspond to about 16 000 SEK to 24 000 SEK.
    Because the cost of Raid Recovery can vary due to a number of factors, so we recommend you always call us for free advice.

    Previous unsuccessful recovery attempts can have a very big impact on cost and rate of success.

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Do you qualify for 50% price reduction ?

To receive our 50% price reduction on the Company price example list for actual  data recovery work, please check following:
  • You are not registred for VAT or have any other form of company registration.
  • The object for Data Recovery, a hard disk drive, is used ONLY for storage of private information. Examples are family images, private economy or contracts, private documents, music files etc.
  • The object for Data Recovery is NOT used for storage of commercial or company information.
 How do we interpret the expression 'Private  use only' ?
  • Among many possible examples of private data are: collections of family pictures, private economy, documents or agreements of a completely private character, legal documents, games, music or film collections. Simply put, private data is NOT used for commercial purposes
 How do we interpret the expression  'Commercial use' ?
  • Among many possible examples of commercial data are: Company accounts, commercial agreements and contracts, protocol from board meetings or business negotiations, marketing plans, sales reports and budget calculations, commercial research, salary- customer or supplier databases etc.
  • Scientific Research at University level is considered to us as non-private data, however, a price reduction is applied in many cases.

 Full price will be charged of the Company price example list if the above  conditions are not met.



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