aurora data recovery

aurora data recovery

Data Reconstruction services for LaCie, WD and Maxtor external hard drives

Do you or your company own a malfunctioning external hard disk? Unfortunately you are not alone. The last months we have received call after call about broken extern hard disks. Most customers believe that the "LaCie hard disk" has broken down however, LaCie do not produce any own brand of hard disks, just good looking boxes. The hard disk itself is usually of the brand Maxtor or Western Digital but also Seagate in the larger RAID units.

The problems so many clients experience with these disks are mostly caused by overheat. These good looking boxes simply lack any effective ways of ventilation so the heat stays inside the box. Since the heat has no way to go the disk gets warmer and warmer, eventually the fluid bearing loses its viscosity which in turn causes the engine to vibrate and soon break down completely.

When a hard disk engine starts to vibrate it is just a matter of time before a severe hard disk crash is a fact. These most unwanted vibrations provoke microscopic movements on the hard disks media layers. When these vibrations are in action sooner or later a read-head will hit the surface and bounce away pretty much like a flat stone being tossed on a calm ocean. The difference, in this case, is that the stone looses its kinetic energy rather quickly where in the read-head it gather more energy for each hit and usually continues to do so until the hard disk eventually stops or gets shut down.

To recover data from a damaged LaCie RAID array is a very complicated process that demands genuine experience and professional competence.

We have very well equipped laboratories in Sweden and so never send any hard disk out of Sweden's borders with the security risk, cost and unnecessary delay that brings. Thus Aurora can guarantee that Your confidential data stays with in our company and remain completely secure.

Among the most usual problems with external LaCie hard disks that we handle is:

- RAID crash, RAID malfunction or a defect RAID Array ?
- Had a data loss in your RAID system ?
- Lost data or important information ?
- Unintentionally formatted your RAID server ?
- Deleted data, your documents, E-mail files or other important information ?
- Lightning stroke out your RAID backup ?
- Did water or fire damage your RAID array ?
- Are you in need to recover data after an erase or "real" hard disk crash ?

No matter what your problem, Aurora helps recovering your data. Why not hire us already today, if you need your data recovered ?

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