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Disclosure, Security and Confidentiality

About Aurora Data Recovery

Aurora Data Recovery in Stockholm Sweden are European data recovery experts having 29 years experience working with professional data recovery and other business-critical data reconstruction tasks.

Aurora has its own, very well equipped, Hi-Tech laboratories in Danderyd near Stockholm in Sweden. Apart from a considerable number of powerful PC's our labs are also equipped with two ISO-5 clean areas, lasers and stereo microscopes, micro-manipulators, Tektronix measuring instruments, and, most important, university educated engineers with world class competence.

Aurora has also developed a range of advanced data recovery software for internal use. Consequently, Aurora NEVER sends their customers disk drives to any third party for any reason whatsoever.

Security & Confidentiality

Aurora ensures that your confidential data stays within our company and remain in absolute security. Personal data collected during pre-sales enquiries such as web-based order forms or enquiries is never, for whatever reason, communicated to a third party.
Aurora also has a strictly enforced privacy policy, that no private customer's name may EVER be used for publicity purposes. Additionally, we respect our many celebrities right to a private life at all times.

Since we have all the necessary skills within our company, we never have any reason to send our clients hard drives to any other companies, let alone outside Sweden with the security risk, unnecessary delay and additional cost it would entail. We handle confidential data, frequently encrypted, with excellent products such as Pointsec, on an almost daily basis.

Aurora handles and stores classified material in accordance with the Swedish Defence Forces provision FIB 2007:2 and, where appropriate FFS 2003:7. All data recovery work at Aurora is implemented observing ISO 9001 quality assurance, where necessary we encrypt recovered data and thereafter store with physical and biometric access control.

Our laboratory premises, which are often staffed between 9:00 and 23:00, are monitored and protected around the clock by Securitas using cameras and other sensors. Additionally visitors to Aurora are not authorized access to protected zones within our offices and laboratories. During our 30 years of operation, no part of any customer’s data has been disclosed to any third person. Aurora also performs "data destruction" which is the irreversible deletion of sensitive or classified information from used hard drives. Since we posses all the necessary competence, we NEVER have to send our clients' hard drives to any third party, with the security risk, unnecessary delay and cost that it brings.

Aurora guarantees that your confidential data stays within our company and is stored with absolute security and discretion. We also perform 'Data deletion' or 'Data destruction' which means erasing sensitive or classified information from hard drives.

Which data recovery scenarios can we handle?

We recover lost data following problems with a crashed hard disk drive, malfunctioning RAID arrays and other damaged storage devices. Our usual scenarios are Data Recovery following a human error; accidental formatting or erasure. We also daily recover data following mechanical damage at various levels, water damage or flooding, lightning damage and even serious fires.

Not surprisingly, Aurora also performs Data Forensics on an almost daily basis. In many cases as a result of deliberate sabotage, cases of fraud, clandestine or criminal activities, and in many cases to obtain evidence of the transmission of company secrets to competitors.

Questions & answers

If you have some unanswered questions after reading the above information, please take a look at our page:

Private persons are welcome to call us during normal office hours at +46-8-792 22 40.
Corporate clients requiring urgent assistance with acute disk crash situations may call our offices on ANY day of the year between 09:00 and 23:00 at +46-8-792 22 40.
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